Hercules Hoists Ltd

Automated Storage and Retrieval System

  • Serve upto 20m rack height : Increased space utilisation
  • Use of telescopic forks : Very narrow aisle operation, saves floor space
  • Fast seed operation : Very high throughput rate, more efficiency
  • Cabin controlled operation : Makes storage and retrieval quick, also enables order picking
  • ASRS compatibility for computersied ware house management :
  • Complete automation possible
Storage cube utilisation :

a) Manual storing methods
b) Using ladder or forklift
c) Multiple storage systems
d) Using stores stacker

Less space more access

The Stores Stacker Crane utilises all available height of stores area. It can be designed to serve racks upto 20 mtrs. height. Stores Stacker combines operating efficiency with maximising the throughput per square metre of space. Suitable for today’s competitive manufacturing, process and distribution centres.

less space Rack supported ware house can be built by cladding the racks externally from all the sides. Thus there is no need of constructing stores building.

The benefits are many

  •  Maximum utilisation of space
  •  Higher storage capacity
  •  Direct access to each storage unit
  • Reduced manpower
  • Higher product picking rates
  • Reduced product damages
  • Lower operating and maintenance cost

How does the Stores Stacker works?

The goods to be handed are kept on pallets or in bins and stacked in high racks. Each individual pallet can be stored / retrieved individually in any order, without disturbing other stored material. Racks with height upto 20 mtrs. and any length can be serviced. Multiple rows of racks can be served via transfer car.


Operator cabin with fork moves vertically guided between the two masts, pulled by two wire ropes on single hoist. Each rope is capable of holding cabin and load with recommended safety factor, The wire rope hoist has a motor with two speeds. Fast speed for travelling to vertical rack location and slow speed for accurate positioning. The pelletized loa is lifted and lowered on supports in the racks using slow speed only.

Long Travel

Two different motors are provided for horizontal long travel of the entire stores stacker. Fast speed motor is coupled via coupling for smooth operation and used for traveling to desired horizontal rack location. Slow speed motor is for accurate positioning. Fast motor is fitted below the electrical panel at the rear of the carriage. Slow motor is fitted below the hoist at the front end of the carriage. Simultaneous hoisting motion and long travel motion are possible.


Motorised telescope fork is provided to handle the load. Fork extends in the racks on both the sides. Other types of load, handling devices can be fitted to serve a variety of unit loads based on requirement.

Technical Specifications*
Capacity (incl. pallet weight)        :               1T           2T
Long Travel Speed M/min

                                                       Fast   :               96           96

                                                       Slow :               3              3

Hoisting Travel Speed M/min

                                                       Fast   :               21           21

                                                       Slow :               2              2

Fork Speed M/min                            :               25           25

(* We reserved the right to change any specification without prior notice.)

Safety consideration:
System is designed in general as per safety requirements of FEM standards. Fault indicating lamps indicate any fault occurrence, to facilitate corrective action.

Safety in operation:

  • Dual hand operation based on dead man principle.
  • Emergency door at bottom of cabin along with emergency rope ladder
  • Fail safe brakes for all motors
  • Limit switch for centering and dwelling of fork
  • When fork is out of centre position, only vertical slow or fork movements are possible
  • All conflicting commands are electrically interlocked

Safety while hoisting / lowering

  • Over-hoisting limit switch
  • Over lowering limit switch
  • Master cut-off in case over hoisting limit switch fails
  • Hoisting operation always starts only in slow speed and then switches over automatically to fast speed when operated by fast lever
  • Limit switches in uppermost and lowermost mast position to switch automatically from fast to slow hoisting speed.
  • Hoist slack wire limit switches for both the wire ropes. The master cut off is activated in the event  of slacking of any of the two wire ropes.

Safety against rope failure:

  • Cabin is suspended by two wire ropes on single hoist, each rope is capable to hold cabin and load with recommended safety factor.
  • Additional over-speed governor also actuates matter cut-off for electrical circuits.
  • Limit switch to sense over-speed governor system is working and operation within designed hoisting / lowering speed limits.

Safety in long travel:

  • Limit switches to cut-off fast horizontal motion in front and rear extreme positions of aisle.
  • Limit switches to cut-off even slow motions when mechanical stoppers at extreme ends are reached
  • Master cut-off limit switch in case of failure of other limit switches.

Transfer car - for multiple aisle crane transfer system

Store stacker operates in a single aisle between two rows of racks. It is dedicated to serve two rows of racks on either sides between which it operates. To serve other isles, the stacker has to be moved from present rack aisle to other desired rack aisle with a transfer car.

The transfer car has a twin drive. Cross travel (perpendicular to crane rails) speed of 5 M/min. All transfer car operations are possible by operating push buttons, remaining seated inside stacker cabin after stacker is fully positioned on transfer car.

Stacker can transfer on transfer car only in slow speed. Fast long travel speed gets switched off automatically while approaching transfer car. Sensing system ensures that the stacker being transferred does not carry any pallet with load and that the cabin is at the lowermost position.

Safe operation is ensured in such a way that cross travel motion of transfer car is possible only when stacker is fully secured inside transfer car without any load or electrical power. All the mechanically locking devises are electrically operated.

Transfer car has to be locked in place again before re-transferring the stacker from transfer car to desired rack aisle. Approx. transfer time from one aisle to other without any live load on crane is 6-10 minutes based on system configuration.